Why People Want Chrome Rims
By Ken Bishop

Chrome rims are made with the intention to get attention. It works real well. Shove a set on your vehicle and see if I’m right. In my opinion you will never get the looks with silver or other painted finishes on custom wheels as you will get from chrome rims. You just washed and waxed your car and its looking pretty good but wait! There’s the courier truck pulling in with the new chrome rims you ordered online. Your heart's pounding as you take one out of the packaging and see your surroundings in the shiny mirrored chrome finish. You put everything else on hold as you load the wheels in your vehicle and run down to your local shop to get them mounted.

You back your car out of the shop’s bay and you get out looking at your new chrome rims in the light of the sun. You are wowed by the improvement in your vehicle’s new look. You jump in your vehicle and head where? Of course to the most populated street in your town, to show off those beautiful shiny chrome rims. Does your vehicle get the looks you were hoping for? Yea Baby! Wait! Is that a group of young ladies in front of the library? Will they notice your vehicle with its shiny new jewelry? As you get closer one of their heads turn and then a finger points at your vehicle and then all their heads turn to look at your pride and joy. Then their eyes leave the vehicle to see who is driving this fine piece of machinery. You give them a smile and they smile back with admiration. Is that not the reason you bought the chrome rims in the first place, to be admired.

The Ladies Like Chrome Rims Too!

Hold on before the ladies out there get peeved at me for mentioning chrome rims as if only men can own them. More and more young women want the admirable looks from owning a set of custom wheels. The larger custom wheels available today seem to have taken over the 13, 14,15 and 16 inch original equipment. Larger rims and less rubber look good. When it comes to chrome rims, the men will agree with the women, “Bigger is better".

Be careful when buying used wheels and placing them on your vehicle as not only the bolt pattern but the offset must match your vehicle. The wrong offset can cause handling problems with your vehicle.

I know getting a set of chrome rims at a cheap price is at the top of most custom wheel seekers list. Please don’t compromise quality for cheap or you will be throwing your money away. It can happen but most quality rims keep the chrome on and not blistering and peeling off.

Keep your chrome rims clean and dry to lengthen the good appearance of your custom wheels because hey, that’s why you got them. Use the manufacturer’s advice on how to clean your rims but usually use liquid dish soap in warm water and a soft cloth to clean them. Rinse off any heavy soil first so it does not scratch them. Never use any abrasive pads or brush to clean your rims as this may scratch them and over time those scratches will add up. Be careful of abrasive cleaners and waxes. Never clean your rims after a lengthy drive, make sure the rims have cooled. If not it can cause permanent spots on your rim finish.

Ken Bishop

Chrome Rims

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