Chrome Rims - Tips For a Super Shine
By Jamie Skinner

To many auto enthusiasts, chrome wheels are the finishing touch, making your sweet ride even sweeter. While it seems that everybody is putting on a pair of shining new wheels - inspired by MTV's Pimp My Ride and other trendy car shows popping up on almost every network - chrome wheels aren't just some here today gone tomorrow fad. Great wheels are stylish and timeless and can genuinely make almost any type of car or truck stand out from the crowd even more. But now that you have your new wheels, or you are planning on getting some, what steps do you need to take to care for them?

When you put money into your ride with something like a outstanding set of chrome wheels, it's important to take some time to care for them properly. Quality rims are an investment and the special touch that will take your car's style, look and feel to a new level. Tarnished or dirty rims can have a completely opposite result.

The beginning step in the proper care of your chrome wheels and creating a wonderful shine every time is to keep up the maintenance on a regular basis. Frequent car washing, with special attention to the rims is required. An effective and efficient method of cleaning your wheels to maintain their sparkle is by mixing some warm water and mild laundry washing detergent with which to wash your wheels.

For tougher grime and dull spots though, it takes more than a little laundry soap. There are lots of polishes and cleansers on the market, and not all of them will be correct for your rims. The important thing is to make sure you know for sure that you have authentic chrome wheels. You may have chrome coated wheels or polished aluminum wheels or some other non-authentic rim, which could explain the lack of luster to begin with. Outside of that, there are also different levels of quality of chrome and chrome finishes that your wheels may have.

After determining the quality of your chrome wheels you can select the right polish to fit the job. With high quality chrome you can use almost any chrome-specific polish on the market. Simply apply with some elbow grease, or you can even buy a small buffer that can attach to a drill to make the job a little easier. If you want to play it safe, make sure to look for a chrome polish that's a bit on the mellow side, to reduce the risk of any harm to the finish.

The most crucial thing is to ensure you use chrome polish, not any other type of polish. And never use any coarse scrubbers such as Brillo pads, which could possibly scratch and damage your beautiful, shining chrome wheels. Also, Use soft rags or buffers, chrome specific polish, and regularly wash your wheels on a week to week basis, and your wheels will always look showroom new.

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